WELCOME TO Riteserve Your Business to Keepup Digital Transformation

Business Consulting

Our consulting services help you automate, digitalise your day-to-day operations, implement the latest technologies while transforming your organisation aligned with your business objectives.


Cloud Computing

We provide hosting services through our world-class cloud computing techniques. We provide secure and cost-effective server facilities where you don’t need to worry about website hosting. As we are connoisseurs in website development, hosting is also another expertise where we choose extreme secure and speed effective options, so that you will not think about the second option except us.  


Web and Mobile App Development

We have a separate unit specially focused on building top quality Web & Mobile Apps for all the A to Z Industries, helping them transform their business with the latest technological infrastructures, and staying competitive in the digital age. 


Digital Marketing

We take care of our clients Digital Marketing requirements with services like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Online Reputation Management, App Store Optimization, as well as eCommerce Development & Marketing. We know the power of marketing – and want to help them target the right clients at the right place at the right time.  


UI/UX Design

We understand the true value of User Interface (UI), and User Experience (UX). And that’s why we have a team of UI/UX Design experts that help you build the perfect website for a seamless user experience. Our team of professional and skilful designers design various types of interfaces, be it for your Website, Mobile App, or even if it’s about implementing the right design into your software. 

UI UX design

Process Transformation

Process Transformation consists of drastically changing the essentials of your processes to meet new business objectives. Usually, these new aims are focused on a new digital transformation implementation.

Most companies slot in business process transformation when they require making a radical update to existing processes. Using this process transformation methodology, you can modernize your processes, incorporate new technology, save costs, and better integrate your core systems.


Company Overview

Riteserve is an IT & Business Transformation company with technology-led solutions for your business. We specialise in state-of-the-art web & software development services that act as a catalyst to your business and its overall growth.

We’re fully committed to being with you every step of the way that spans across the entire IT Solutions – from planning, delivery, support and beyond.

Why Choose Us

Dedicated Development Team

Our team consists of dedicated top tech talent that strives to deliver top quality solutions to your business aligned from the planning stage, to the delivery in coordination with your expectations and budget. 

Customized Project Planning

Define your customized project requirements, we ensure you custom-tailored output in the website and mobile app. We emphasize on mirroring of thought in project planning. Take your back seat, just get what you deserve from our side.

Quality Deliverance

We believe in following proper timelines while keeping you updated at every step of the way. So, you can see what we’re doing and if it’s being aligned with your expectations. It’s equally important for us to deliver top quality work as it is to our clients.

Extended Support

Even after the deal is finished, and the prices are forgotten. We believe in being there for you providing continuous support and helping you every step of the way.

Riteserve Services

Who We Are?

We specialise in state-of-the-art web & software development services that act as a catalyst to your business.

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What We Do?

We continue to delight clients through digital and automated processes that lead to exceptional customer experiences.

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View Works

Discover Our Created Inspirational Solutions. Portfolios include a description or summary of our professional background.

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Get in Touch

Let’s Discuss Your Project. Feel free to contact us in any suitable way. We are always happy to talk with you.

Let’s Talk

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Working Process

Process is in our DNA. From Day 1, that’s what we’ve done. We continue to delight clients through digital and automated processes that lead to exceptional customer experiences. We don’t just transform process. We think it, breathe it, live it. That’s because to enable new efficiencies and experiences, we need to break out of legacy processes.

Understand & Define Your Needs

We initiate by brain-storming with you. Let us know about the problem areas in your business.

Analysis & Execution

We always make sure our solution not only meets your requirements but also supports your business to nurture; 

Project Quality and Assurance

We turn the client’s imagination into a reality and make sure output is of the utmost quality.

Successful Delivery

We always deliver the client’s solution before the deadline; we try to keep some buffer time for further improvement. 


iHandler - Chat Bot

Chat Bot is our interactive tool that enables conversing with users in real-time, powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence)/ ML (Machine Learning)/ NLP (Natural Language Processing) to make day-to-day jobs easier, faster and much more efficient.  

Our customer support ChatBot interacts with users for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) using conversational and dialogue flow. It’s also built to manage calls through Zoho and to raise/resolve tickets by OS Ticket System.